With their shared inspirations from their travels, Tressé and Ibbki cherish the same taste for a well-crafted gesture.

Their meeting has given rise to an exhilarating dialogue, advocating color and embracing curvaceous forms.

Ideas and sketches for objects in clay have
led to this collection of four limited-edition earthenware vases.

forgotten know-how

Since 2018, Azel and Youri - the duo behind Ibbki- have been traveling around Kabylia to meet artisans and discover their local, almost forgotten skills. Born from an invitation to travel, their studio is now a meeting place between design and craft where they adopt a new look on artistic creation.

Tressé is first and foremost an uninterrupted conversation in which the most precious things we have are interwoven: our ties, our inspirations, our memories, our childhoods, our travels, the places that have meant so much to us and to which we love to return.

What we create is what we love to see, smell, feel and touch, and what we ourselves want to surround ourselves with, without ever tiring of it.