Our production

Our commitments

For us, the most important is to produce better and less.

Each supplier is carefully selected for their expertise and work ethic.

We wish to be part of an eco-responsible approach and put people at the heart of our concerns .

in search of KNOW-HOW

We choose our suppliers and our manufacturing plants according to the know-how present in each country, because this is what seems to us the most coherent in order to guarantee a good quality and a fair price. 

We produce mainly in Europe or near Europe and some pieces in Asia. Our pieces ready-to-wear products come from workshops located in Tunisia, Bulgaria, Turkey or China. Our tableware comes from Spain, Italy or France. 

The human at the heart of our concerns

Know-how, reliability and traceability are central to our values at Tressé. Beyond our eco-responsible convictions, the human factor is also at the centre of our concerns. Regardless of the country, with our trusted supplier, we make sure to choose human-sized workshops, respectful of human rights and employees

For an Eco-Responsible Future

One of our main suppliers has audited all of the garment factories it works with that design our garments. With these printing and dyeing factories, they are continuing to work on new eco-responsible methods and eco-designed materials.

Our NGO partner

Our totes bags are made in India by the NGO Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute. Based in Delhi, it focuses on the social reintegration of women through work.