Our story


Tressé is first of all the encounter of three visions.

An uninterrupted conversation where our most precious things are intertwined: our ties, our inspirations, our memories, our childhoods, our travels, the places that have meant something to us and to where we take pleasure in returning to.

We create timeless clothes and objects, designed to last: we cultivate a taste for well-made things, beautiful fabrics and fine finishing.

Tressé, for us, is a way of sharing a hedonistic and sunny way of life.


It all starts with the common desire to create as a family; with the intertwined visions of Ketzia and Sivan, our founders. Receiving, sharing, enjoying and offering: Common values passed on by their mother, at the heart of their creative process.

 Nourished by childhood memories and travels, they created Tressé. A brand that mixes fashion and lifestyle, that works on instinct and inspiration.

They are infusing it with the desire to produce less and better. To create relevant and modern experiences, in line with our lifestyles. Tressé is a vision of the world that can be applied to all places where we share and receive.

"Our mother passed on her taste and creativity to us. We have always been inspired by her attention to detail, by the things she puts in her home." - Ketzia


Authenticity, transmission and conviviality.
Three pillars that carry the brand and guide our creative process.


Our suitcases are our collections. Each month we propose a suitcase, mixing fashion and decoration, based on a journey, a cultural inspiration and a form of local craft.

Our inspirations

They bear the imprint of our “postcard” spirit: objects, clothing, complete worlds that you can make your own, so you can tell your own stories and escape in spirit.